We have an literacy research group focusing on K-5 learners. We are a group of professors and graduate and undergraduate students that meet regularly to discuss research and implement collaborative projects. Our team includes:


Dr. Angela M. Wiseman, Associate Professor

New literacies and global learning (particularly related to teacher education), qualitative research, children’s literature, visual literacies, and family literacy.

Dr. Jill Grifenhagen, Assistant Professor

Elementary education, learning environment, literacy, new literacies and global learning, teacher education and professional development.

Website: https://ced.ncsu.edu/people/jfgrifen/

Dennis Davis, Associate Professor

Assessment, equity and diversity, literacy, metacognition, new literacies and global learning, reading, teacher knowledge

Website: https://ced.ncsu.edu/people/ddavis6/

Nermin Vehabovic – Doctoral student.

English Language Learners, Family/Community Literacy, Visuals and Images, and Children’s Literature.


Alix Howard

The portrayal of certain illnesses in children’s literature (Cancer, Strokes, and Diabetes).


Maura Murphy


Kaitlyn Cipully